Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UPDATE: Cebu Black Suede Scandal

Remember the incident at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Hospital (2008). There's this drunk guy who picked and brought home a man for sex. He remembered insulting the Cebuano Deuce Bigalow for being "Not so big below" and fell asleep. In the Morning, he already had a canister in his rectum.
He had that "Thingie" removed in the hospital and went home. After a few days, he was surprised to see videos of the operation accented by laughing hospital employees that jampacked the operating room.
Just now, television news reports an Ombudsman report recommending 6 months of suspension for each hospital employee involved in the scandal. The victim, interviewed and shown behind dark glasses, was very discontented with the ruling.

For the original stories and photos, please click here and here.

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