Saturday, April 19, 2008


NOTE: The complete story can be found in the article before this post.

With the operating room being so crowded and more than four cameras observed in the Youtube video, ONLY 4 individuals were identified and deemed as (ONLY) administratively liable by the hospital. NO SUSPENSION is being recommended because the hospital is short of manpower.

Browsing through Google, I chanced upon a February article in a Cebu daily suggesting that we search Google using the search terms "cebu black suede". I did just that and found the video. Since the hospital seems to be having a hard time identifying the suspects, we are going by posting screenshots that will probably make the public identify who those animals are.

Here it goes:

If you are able to identify these people, please inform the Department of Health or the police.


Sidney said...

This whole story makes me sick...
We are still very primitive creatures...

Francesca said...

and i dont feel sorry for the patient. What on earth He thinks why he has to put aerosol on his bottom?
He doesnt have anything else to do?

if he is within the bakla world, he is a shame to them.

Even if it is in you tube or not, I feel no glory to see it.

philippine updates said...

Hi Sidney,

Yes, we all are indeed very primitive.

philippine updates said...

Hi Francesca,

He is as gay as he can be. Very cheap too. Imagine paying $2.5 for anal sex and insulting his man whore for his "small below". He gets what he pays for and a free aerosol can inside his bottom to boot!

But those doctors and nurses are really something. Shouting, laughing and jeering while taking closeup videos for fun are well beyond their pay grades.

They deserve our collective outrage.


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