Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I can't believe that this guy had the gall to remove beautiful billboards like that of Cindy Kurleto and replace it with his own. Now, it's turning out that he has been refusing to answer queries about his department's advertising and other expenses.

Senor Bayani, we find logic in your office's position that billboards are possible "fatal distractions" in our highways.

But why did you have to take it all down only to replace it with your own?

Who do you think you are? Aga Muhlach? Give us a break!

As a tenor pretender, you should start singing.... kamuka ko si Panchitoooo! nung siya ay bata pa!!!!

We'd rather meet accidents staring at Cindy Kurleto than die of heart attacks after seeing your face in the dark highway.

Grown ups, we may be. But still, we are afraid of ghosts!


john marzan said...

because he's planning to run for higher office in 2010.

As a senatorial candidate or the Presidency.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...


Can't agree with you more. Better to be in Hell with Cindy than in heaven with bayani. With his singing, even the angels will go on strike! :-) Durano, done!

Anonymous said...

Hi John!

The higher office, he shall not have unless it's an appointee position.

He doesn't have the capability to win.

jc smith said...

Hi Durano,

Your last two lines are worthy of being quoted. Thanks!

Sidney said...

I hope Cindy Kurleto will run for President ! ;-)

jaydee said...

Hahaha! With her Austrian accent, I don't know if she can win votes

manuelbuencamino said...

Superimpose cindy corleto's picture on Bayani'a photo and the motto underneath becomes credible.

JC said...


I'll probably vote for her! :D

As Durano said, "better in hell with Cindy..."

JC said...

ManuelBuencamino, Thanks for the visit! Yes, I agree with you. And I also would want her for a neighbor!!

philippine politics said...

the worst thing here is, Bayani is usung the taxes of the Filipino people for his own interest. This is an early campaign for the 2010 elections.

I have also a poll in my blog about the 2010 presidentiables. You can also vote here:

SirKramic said...

For the love of human kind cindy na lang po


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