Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shamefully World Class

While we take pride in our medical professionals, even declaring their supposed topnotch quality, as proven by their high demand overseas, a recent event made me reflect upon the merits of that claim.

Now, I wonder, Are we being sought after because we are good, or is it because there’s nobody else out there? Are we dominating the scene simply because there’s a lot of us in the field? Is this like boxing, which is dominated by Mexicans simply because there’s too many of them?

It is a fact, that despite the high salaries being offered to medical professionals in the US and other western countries, not many locals are taking up those courses in college. Being short in domestic supply, they are forced to import. Hence, the Pinoy nurses, PT’s, docs, technicians, etc.

What created the doubt is the recent incident in Cebu that brought back a lot of other incidents that piled up through the years.

Despite our claims that our medical professionals are being hailed elsewhere, aren’t we all familiar of horror stories involving most of our local hospitals? Aren’t we all familiar with stories involving neglect, abuse, and incompetence? Check out the files of XXX, Imbestigador, Bitag, radio stations and everywhere else and you’ll find it well documented there. I can go to specifics of a lot of cases but let us talk about the latest scandal- the one involving a video showcasing, blatant, arrogance, bad leadership, malice, incompetence and many other things in one of our hospitals.

There is this dirty fag who contracted a man for cheap sex (P100). He took him home and played a portion in a play called Sodom and Gemorra . In his drunken stupor, he teased Deuce for being so small below. Badly insulted, the man with small privates rammed a can of Avon black Suede Body Spray way past his well stretched sphincter. After a few days, the man who likes P100 sex paid higher for the immediate consequence – a rectal operation to remove the can.
Little did he know that he has yet to pay a higher fee in terms of a free starring role in a well documented indie film. The operating room which normally requires a maximum of eight people during surgical procedures was jam-packed with people reminiscent of a UP enrollment scene in the 90’s. A lot of people were taking shots with their cellphone cams in addition to the hospital’s own production crew. Making the lover of cheap sex pay more, a video of the entire procedure was posted on youtube. The long clip also showed a number of giggling and cheering hospital personnel together punctuated with lewd remarks, shouts and boisterous laughter.

With the sleazy lover of cheap sex becoming a reverse image of John Wayne Bobbit, the hospital conducted a probe that until now is yet to produce a result. Mga punyeta kayo!!!! Is it taking that long to white wash the investigation?

Who are those guys inside the room? Maybe, it's time that they are given a dose of blogger justice!


Dexter said...

just want to ask permission from you if i could use the xray photo with the canister inside the body. thank you.

jc said...

Hi Dexter, That is not the actual photo of the guys xray. I just found it in the net.

I searched around and found the actual photo at Actual xray photo

Please post your request there.


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