Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Checking my page stats, I realized that there are posts that receive a surge in readers and provoke comments but there are some that hardly received any but gets quoted and even copied entirely in other blogs. However, readers of those posts stop coming after the issue had died down.

There is one post however that looks so simple and yet receives readers all the time. In fact, out of the last 500 visitors to this blog, more than 100 came to an old post about a corrupt cop.

Just to balance things, this blog is no cop hater. In fact, I have high respects for the men and women in uniform. A lot of my friends are economically depressed cops and soldiers who are without without a stain of corruption in their sleeves. Therefore, here is a short post in honor of the:

cop, auxiliary cop and volunteer who patiently directs traffic for expensive cars that he cannot afford,

the bomb technician who risks his life for those who hates people like him,

the lowly beat cop who walks the streets while in danger of sniper fire from the druggies of Quiapo, Taguig and Tondo,
the hostage negotiator who risks his life so that others may live

the special forces personnel who trains day and night to save the world from messianic personalities like David Koresh, Shoko Asahara and Antonio Trillanes.

the lowly paid womens desk personnel who braves psychological trauma by listening to tales of domestic violence over and over again,

the much maligned Mamang Pulis and all the men and women of the police forces all over the world.

Thank you!
It's all that this ungrateful world can possibly give you.


Kalar said...
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JC said...

Peeps, please do not click the link posted by kalar. The entire comment is a spam and opening his site can potentially unload a virus to your pc's.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi JC,

In Marikina City, cops have an Annual Police Memorial Day, where those who died in the line of duty are honored. A parade participated in by all government agencies there and all civic organizations registered.

All policemen of Marikina who pass away are buried in a special place at Loyola Memorial for free. Those who died in the line of duty are given a special place in the honor roll beside the monument.

This is how Marikina honors its men in uniform. I wish other cities could do the same. :-) --Durano, done!

JC said...

Hi Durano!

That's nice of Bayani.Other cities have something similar to that.

fionski said...

I should check that post you mentioned.


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