Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Homicidal/ Muderous/ Reckless/ Stupid Cab Driver

Yesterday, a cab (TYS- 160) was photographed loaded with 14 school children. The cab was apparently operating during early mornings as a school bus (taxi) service. Since 14, even if they’re just kids, is such a huge number for a taxi cab, the driver decided to pack four of the kids in the rear trunk. A radio reporter, who was driving around looking for something to report, spotted the cab and took photos. The cab is reported to have the plate number TYS 160.

Hoping to take photos of the errant driver, the reporter followed the cab, which recklessly crossed an intersection despite a red light. When the reporter’s car was about side by side the overloaded cab, the taxi driver made a sudden turn and was able to get away. The driver apparently noticed that he was being covered.
That driver should be criminally charged with reckless imprudence, endangerment and perhaps, frustrated homicide/murder. Overloading the cab in such a manner is clear recklessness and a sign that the driver knowingly placed the passengers’ life in danger. An overloaded cab clearly distracts the driver’s attention and restricts his side and rear view. His mobility and ability to safely steer the car is seriously hampered making his car a rolling coffin.

Jail the errant driver and let’s hope that nothing like this ever happens again.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lead us not into ... the wrong link

After lunch, while figuring out how to get rid of acne fast, I clicked on the pages of my favorite online paper, inquirer.net. Perhaps, until now, the paper’s staffs remain very engrossed with Donaire’s sensational win over the champion Montiel.

I noticed that until now, a click on the headline leads to a wrong page. Instead of that story in Maguindanao, the link leads to the story about the Chinese government postponing some executions. Please correct the link, my dear Inquirer.


Nonito Donaire, on the eve of his weigh-in, did his workout inside a sauna. That made him burn more fat and muscles at a short time and that enabled him to make the catch weight. I think he was also given fat burners in form of shakes by his nutritionist. Just today, he demolished his opponent on the second round using a powerful left hook that took his opponent down and make him shake like he was having a seizure. That really scared the wits out of me. Boxing is a very dangerous sport.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Safe Houses

I wonder if the AFP safe houses are designed with a glass tile. Just yesterday, news came out that a former chief of staff ordered his aides to look for a safe house. Personally, I see nothing wrong with safe houses. Intelligence is a basic function of the armed forces and everybody connected with it should have a way of meeting without the knowledge of people who do not need to know.

Psychological Scars

Of course, it pays to have acne treatment. Acne scars will be a lifetime of regret for most people, starting every morning when they look at the mirror. Acne does not physically harm people but the psychological damage that it cause leads to low self esteem and eventual low performance in a lot of activities. Unless one works online and does not meet with people, good looks makes people work better.

The human body

In regard to my previous post, the item that I was referring to belongs to the family of muscle building supplements. It is supposed to make the body look better and perform well. I believe that people can still be optimized with better training, nutrition and equipment.

After having said that, let me state that the human brain is the deadliest weapon. Synchronize it with a healthy body and you have a killer.

Slush Funds?

Instead of diverting personnel services funds to slush funds, I suggest that the military use the money to supply their troops with the needed training and equipment. I also suggest that they read animal cuts reviews and buy one that will give the troops a good muscle definition. Good muscles will allow them to perform well in combat situations and lesser casualties should eventually be the end result.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Passing on something good

In continuation to my last post, if ever I will need to go, I should be able to make a good contribution to mankind. I should have been able to buy tons of refurbished netbooks and donated it to thousands of worthwhile beneficiaries in the poorest but deserving areas of this planet. Education is the best thing that a parent can pass on to his offspring; it also is the best that good people can give to their fellowmen.

Planning to Die

I hope to be able to plan a funeral, my own, at a nice pace unlike the hurried and unexpected ways that a lot of people do. Their next of kin were either killed in an accident or about to die from severe sickness or worse, a death sentence. That’s what happened to the family of those sentenced to die in China next week.


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