Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Homicidal/ Muderous/ Reckless/ Stupid Cab Driver

Yesterday, a cab (TYS- 160) was photographed loaded with 14 school children. The cab was apparently operating during early mornings as a school bus (taxi) service. Since 14, even if they’re just kids, is such a huge number for a taxi cab, the driver decided to pack four of the kids in the rear trunk. A radio reporter, who was driving around looking for something to report, spotted the cab and took photos. The cab is reported to have the plate number TYS 160.

Hoping to take photos of the errant driver, the reporter followed the cab, which recklessly crossed an intersection despite a red light. When the reporter’s car was about side by side the overloaded cab, the taxi driver made a sudden turn and was able to get away. The driver apparently noticed that he was being covered.
That driver should be criminally charged with reckless imprudence, endangerment and perhaps, frustrated homicide/murder. Overloading the cab in such a manner is clear recklessness and a sign that the driver knowingly placed the passengers’ life in danger. An overloaded cab clearly distracts the driver’s attention and restricts his side and rear view. His mobility and ability to safely steer the car is seriously hampered making his car a rolling coffin.

Jail the errant driver and let’s hope that nothing like this ever happens again.


fionski said...

What's scarier is that the parents of these kids have allowed this cabbie to take them to and from school.

Nice to hear from you again JC.

jc smith said...

I agree with you. The parents are equally to blame for this.

Thanks for the comment and it's nice to hear from you again, Fionski.

Sidney said...

That is bad and dangerous ! :-(

jc smith said...

Hi Sidney!

Yes, it's very very bad!

Thanks for coming over.


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