Thursday, March 31, 2011

CIA's Intel Success in Pakistan

It seems that the CIA is proving its worth nowadays. Criticized widely for its huge annual budgets and intelligence failures like its inability to know Saddam’s military push to Kuwait, the chain of uprising in the Middle East and the 9/11, it has shown its might by being instrumental in the capture of the Bali and Makati bombings. Get Bin Ladin, will you please?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


During my college days, how to get rid of whiteheads was a multibillion dollar question. Today, the value remains except that there are medications and supplements that actually work. During my time, moms advised their daughters to stay away from white head medications for it supposedly does nothing and even aggravates pimples and acne. But now, the story is much different and there are now fast acting formulas from both white heads and the much hated and feared acne.

Rich Beggars

About a decade ago, the country the largest denomination of Philippine coins was a peso. I am not very sure if we had the two peso coin then. Anyway, street beggars then were making about P500/ day and that is very high considering that today, the minimum wage is still below that number. I am sure that they make more now since we already have coins as high as P10 in value.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Private Intervention

In this time of need, when even the most well intentioned government is doing its best, it is a good thing that the private sector is helping out. Available columbus jobs, for example, can be found by people in the area by merely visiting the different employment providers’ websites. The government can only do so much and the private sector, with its motivation for profit is helping the community, a lot.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Darn Libyan Rebels

The Libyan rebels were very arrogant in the beginning. The uprising was so successful in the beginning and they had most of the country in their hands. At a certain point, it even looked like they were ready to stampede Tripoli and crush Muammar Gaddafi. Oh boy, were they arrogant. They arrested a British diplomatic team sent for backdoor negotiations and even bragged about it.

Little did they know that the ruthless leader had a scorch earth policy and most importantly, they were not skilled enough to win the revolution. Imagine shooting at enemy planes with a rifle. No wonder, they DOWNED THEIR OWN PLANE after takeoff.

And when they were being trampled upon like inch long toy soldiers, they called for foreign intervention to save them.


Now, they have nothing but parts of Banghazi and with foreign intervention, it will look like they were entirely saved by foreign crusaders!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Renewal Time

My original rv insurance is about to expire and I need to get another one in my country. You see, my RV was imported from another place and it came with an insurance policy. Now, I feel that it is not very practical to renew my policy from an overseas based company so I will have to look for a new one locally. I hope that the rates and coverage will be better.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Health Care

Every year, more than one Filipino, graduate with the hope of getting a healthcare job. The thing is, they want to work overseas more than the desire to find employment locally. Health care is a good industry for it is very noble. It is far from the largely profiteering nature of commerce and actually, its business is healing the sick and tending to the weak and elderly.


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