Sunday, March 20, 2011

Darn Libyan Rebels

The Libyan rebels were very arrogant in the beginning. The uprising was so successful in the beginning and they had most of the country in their hands. At a certain point, it even looked like they were ready to stampede Tripoli and crush Muammar Gaddafi. Oh boy, were they arrogant. They arrested a British diplomatic team sent for backdoor negotiations and even bragged about it.

Little did they know that the ruthless leader had a scorch earth policy and most importantly, they were not skilled enough to win the revolution. Imagine shooting at enemy planes with a rifle. No wonder, they DOWNED THEIR OWN PLANE after takeoff.

And when they were being trampled upon like inch long toy soldiers, they called for foreign intervention to save them.


Now, they have nothing but parts of Banghazi and with foreign intervention, it will look like they were entirely saved by foreign crusaders!

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