Monday, December 14, 2009

Martial Law Lifted

Today, the residents of Maguindanao are once again Free People. Martial Law has been lifted and all of their civil rights have been restored. However, may we ask if the Maguindanaoan’s were really free prior to the imposition of military rule?

It has been reported several times in several online and offline publications that the residents of that province are languishing from the threats of armed groups who terrorize them every harvest season. Whether the reports were accurate or not, none of us, people from the mainland, are in any position to determine the truth. The place is too far and very remote.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Than Exercise

There are people who swear that fat burners and other weight loss pills work on them. However, I am afraid that there are people who need much more than exercise and diet supplements. I have a grossly overweight friend who will probably have to under the knife in order to have their fats trimmed. I heard that another procedure is to “staple” some of their food storage facilities in their bellies in order for them to feel stuffed despite their little food intakes.

Gaining Unwanted Weight

These holiday season would surely see a number of people gaining several inches in their waistlines. After Christmas, the same people will be on the lookout for a good fat burner that will help them get thin once more. Holy cow! Why can’t we just stop eating for a while? The food that we will probably consume will be greater than what we need and a lot of poor people will surely appreciate being given what we don’t need!

Christmas Give Aways

I have just realized that despite the advances in technology, especially gadgets in Asia, the cost of a micro sd remains quite prohibitive. These storage devices which are small than my pinky’s fingernail, is readily available almost anywhere in this country but not necessarily affordable. That reminds me to start looking for shops that actually offer such item at a steal. A lot of my friends would surely love to be given these storage devices this Christmas.

Medical Travel to the Philippines

A lot of visitors come to the country for medical travel. With the high cost of medical care in the United States and other modern states, a lot of people in those countries actually find it cheaper to come to Manila, get proper treatment and have some vacation time, than actually get it in their home states. This is despite the thousands of miles of expensive air travel.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Driving in Maguindanao

If I am to visit Maguindanao, the first thing that I will probably do is look for a used rv for sale. I will send scouts who will have a one kilometer lead from me and get reports regarding possible private armies who are out to create havoc in the highways. And should darkness come before I get to any town, I will probably pull over, camouflage my RV and spend the night. It will only be during daytime when I will travel.


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