Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Found this at Forbes. SM's mall of Asia, with a leasable space of 4.2 million square feet, is the 3rd largest shopping mall in the world. For sure, the owners, with their long experience in the retail business, knows that the cost of putting up the structure will be recovered.

I just hope that the income from these malls will trickle down to the masses.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Ma nem a Borat and I like the Philippines!
Last Christmas, a US based Filipino asked, "We promised our daughter a Manila vacation. Now, we're fearful for her safety. Will she be fine? I heard of balikbayans getting kidnapped"

Here's from another one, "The entire family was supposed to go back for a vacation but at the last minute, my dad said that it is too dangerous".

But in Manila, a young female Australian told me, "If only my parents knew what they're missing by not coming here"

My OFW friends, criminality is everywhere. Most of the country is very safe. Just don't go fooling around in those seedy areas.

Despite the rising prices of basic commodities, countless attempts by some sectors in the military to take over (as if they know how to run the country- can't even annihilate the ragtag NPA's in their territory), a political party system based on accommodations rather than ideology, widespread corruption, etc., the country is doing well.

The government has preterminated a lot of its foreign debts, the prices are growing lower than the rate of the oil prices in the world market and the country is looked upon better than the previous years. Moody's ratings has the official opinion that the country's debt ratings will likely improve (positive) and that is a notch better their recent outlook which was "Stable". Such an outlook is a vote of confidence in the country's economic leadership, despite the widespread perception of graft and corruption in the government. The incidence of poverty and hunger and this country has a long way to go but had Trillanes succeeded last year, I am sure that the outlook will be deep under the ground by this time.

And with the peso increasing it's value over time, may I humbly suggest that our dear OFW's increase their savings deposit in Philippine banks. In the country, they can further diversify their investments for (further safety) by dividing their money in time deposits, OFW bonds, balanced funds (mutual funds), etc.


OK, having written a lot of serious matters, let's take a look at some of the fun parts of Manila. For those who likes taking a sip or two of their favorite alcohol before going home, there's a place in Polaris corner Durban street, Makati that serves a lot of different brews from around the world.

Hmmn.. Haven't taken any alcohol for so long already (24 hours).

Those who's been to the place, how's the place?

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Friday, January 25, 2008


The blogs that I frequent includes the spitting vessel that talks about issues from all over the world and ends every post with a signature sound of a loud spit! Today, I will attempt a Durano (the blog's author) but talk about a local issue.

One of the pests that plague our local fast foods, coffee shops and restaurants is the pickpocket menace. I was in a Jollibee outlet at one time when a crook (pretending to be a customer), asked a lady diner some questions. Unknown to her, cohorts of the crook covered all possible angles to prevent other customers from seeing her then expertly took her bag. The lady only found out about what happened, a few minutes after the crooks have left. The incident was made possible because the security guard was being made to serve as a waiter. When confronted about it, the restaurant manager ordered the guard to man the door.

Yesterday and today, I was once again in the same Jollibee outlet and looked around. Lo and behold, the guard was once again cleaning the tables on both days! I talked to a friend in the police and relayed my disbelief. My friend told me that he has also observed the same thing in ALL Jollibee outlets. The guards are actually made to serve diners. As cops, they always tell the guards to protect their entire sites and not wait on customers. However, we both acknowledged the fact that the poor guards can get into trouble, if they refuse the orders of their restaurant managers.

Here’s my take regarding this matter.

  1. Jollibee profits from more than one million CUSTOMERS PER DAY. It is not a remote possibility that every Filipino (80 million of them) has eaten in their outlets at least 4 times every year.
  2. Jollibee makes tons of money from its customers. In fact, it had money to spend more than 500 million to buy Chowking (several years ago), about 2 billion to buy Red Ribbon, several billions more for Greenwich Pizza, Delifrance, several chains overseas and a number of other high profile acquisitions. It even owns at least one high rise corporate tower in expensive addresses.
  3. It recently announced that it will continue to buy more overseas based companies.
  4. In terms of cash, it has enough in its vault to buy several entire villages in this country.

May I ask, is it too much for the store to pay for the salary of at least two guards (about 30k/ month) so that its customers can enjoy its Chicken Joy without losing their precious properties?

I was told that this was not the first of such incident in its stores.

The company spends a lot in its so called Corporate Social Responsibility Projects. Why cant it start by protecting its diners?

Oooorkwz…. Phooee!!!!!!

Found this in the net. It speaks well of my dislike for the people leading the company.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Estrada: RP suffering for defying Vatican in 2001 uprising

In essence, the guy is saying that The Almighty is punishing the people for overthrowing him, the owner of BW Resources, the man who almost caused the collapse of the stock market, the man who ordered SSS to invest hundreds of millions of pesos in BW shares, the man who took hundreds of millions in commissions, the man who's first orders as president is to relieve his top election enemy (Gordon) from his government post, bury Marcos at the libingan ng mga bayani, release the son of Dolphy from Muntinlupa and many other gruesome acts.


Here's the rest of the story.

Monday, January 21, 2008


As the anniversary of EDSA II passed, the president refuses to call for its remembrance despite the fact that she was the one who gained from it the most. The official reason given is that it is consistent with her aim of healing the wounds of EDSA.

Healing? Much of the country is still hurting because of the Estrada caper. Imagine the lowly people who invested in BW shares when the price was at its highest levels (P107) and got wiped out when the price went down to almost zero. That was simply a small matter compared to the fact that it led to the near collapse of the Philippine Stock Exchange. Count those who should have benefitted from the hundreds of millions of pesos that were instead laundered in bank accounts named after a certain Jose Velarde. The list goes on.

Does the president intend to heal the country by simply burying what happened? Or is it because she is covering the fact that she set free the villain that caused the uprising? He never jailed even by a single day. Instead, he was billeted in a luxurious vacation house that uses golf carts for building to building transportation, special troops as guards, a museum and the best food. Eventually he was pardoned by..

I never regretted that EDSA 2 occurred. The details about it that I dislike from day one include the military’s intervention. They should never have joined. And because they did, they now have this feeling that they are the saviors of this country. It simply led to the birth of young officers who think of themselves as the ever important Messiahs of this land. Susmaryosep! Talk to them and picture their belief in Trillanes. It makes me want to permanently leave this country. Imagine those people leading this land.

As for GMA, the country and even the Almighty had a mountain of expectations from her. With the kind of blessings that she had from the day she was born, this country never deserved the mediocre performance that she has so far given. The election scandals, ZTE fiasco and many other unfortunate events that she had the opportunity to stop and yet she didn’t. This country is lucky that there hasn’t been a civil war, until now.

Despite her brouhaha about the stock market, the currency and many other gains, the fact remains that she’s been in power for eight years and incidence of hunger is yet to go down. Hasn’t she noticed that despite the numerous bold pronouncements given be her and her military, the rebels are yet to be wiped out?

With the poor getting poorer, the fight in the villages is far from being won.

Indeed, there isn’t much cause to celebrate EDSA 2. However, it is but right to remember the day, reflect on its gains and losses and let is serve as a reminder or what an oppressed citizenry can do against an unjust government. Perhaps, the implications of calling for an EDSA 2 celebration is not lost on the president. Perhaps, she knows that with her popularity grade being at its lowest and surveys pointing to her as the most corrupt president of this land, the people might just call for another uprising.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Under the leadership of the Landbank the government is offering investment instruments for OFWs, including the OFW bonds. The Development Bank of the Philippines and HSBC will also take part in the initiative to help OFWs.

The long term instruments will enable the OFW's to invest in pesos and earn high yields over a 5 year period. The said investment vehicles will be exempted from taxes.

This long term instruments will hopefully help OFW's cope with the rapidly declining value of the US dollar.


Reporter Helped Faeldon Escape

The police has recently announced that they have identified a reporter as having helped Trillanes henchman Capt. Nicanor Faeldon escape during the Peninsula fiasco. This should serve as a reminder that in a crime scene, every personality should be processed to be identified either as a witness or a suspect. What I cannot understand is why the police failed to stand firm in its initial statement. 

I hope the media will recognize that they are not above the law and stand aside as the cops do their work. As for the PNP, I hope that they will start getting their acts together, really understand the law and implement it equally for everyone.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


A well known Physicist urges a review of the Biofuels law on the grounds that oil bearing plants do not utilize sunlight as much as the food crops and therefore requires additional fertilizer. In the end, the quantities of oil derived from the plants do not really make the effort worthwhile. In addition, there is the scare that we will end up planting more oil yielding plants and maybe, convert our food crops into oil plantations. Should that happen, it will be detrimental to our food production efforts.

Here are my initial views:


  1. I agree that no matter how we try to outlaw it, crop conversion is inevitable if the farmers find more money in planting Biofuels instead of rice, corn or food bearing crops. However, should food become scarce, its prices will also increase and therefore, farmers will again convert their plantations into rice (food) farms. I say, let economics take its course. Just don’t let anybody force the farmers to do something that they do not want to.
  2. It has been noted that the government owns millions of hectares of arable but unutilized land. Why not allocate it to both big and small private investors? Economics will again dictate the optimal use of the land.
  3. The President of PNOC also said that rice fields are not conducive to biofuels meaning, Jathropa will not grow optimally on the kind of soil being used as rice fields.


  1. The PNOC President also said that there are varieties of Jathropha that yields a lot of oil. In my mind, there’s a possibility that the scientist have not studied all biofuel varieties.
  2. Previously, I have also been told that there are trees that bear really high yields of bio fuels. One reason why it is not yet being commercially introduced is that it will take a few years (after planting) before it will really yield real money for the farmer. Therefore, Jatropha, which yields money only after 6 months is being used to prime the people into investing. Eventually, the better varieties will be introduced.

As for now, my initial thoughts are.. “Let the market dictate!”

Let us not forget that we have plenty of problems that needs to be tackled all at the same time.

  1. We need to increase our food production
  2. There’s the growing population to feed
  3. There’s also this growing demand and increasing price petroleum.

Let’s discuss this issue… Ciao!


At this time where unemployment levels remain high, here's something that may prove to be very useful.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Upcoming cops... tsk tsk!


Just got this from ANC.

Ayala's independent inquiry into the Glorietta blast supposedly says that a bomb caused the explosion that killed a number of shoppers.

Will post updates, if there are ...later.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Como estas?

With the country's president wanting to bring back Spanish into our schools, it is but fitting that my first greeting for the year, be made in in that language.

However, just this morning, we had on TV, a UP professor arguing about the use of our native languages as our mode of instruction since it studies showed that the use of indigenous languages as a mode of instruction is more effective in imparting new knowledge to students.

Bueno, vamos a ver...

the last time I checked, this country had more than a hundred local languages. If then, many books do we have to write? Print? How many erroneous textbooks are we expecting to come out with?

Expenditures = Avenue for corruption. Please be reminded that DECS spends billions in textbooks.

In the end, if printing textbooks in many languages is the best remedy, we should all go for it.

However, there is one thing that bashers of the English language needs to address. There are tens of thousands of graduates coming out of our schools now and they have nowhere to go. At this point, what is in abundance are jobs in the services sector, specifically, the outsourcing industry and the OFW market. With English proficiency being the only real chance for our graduates to be able to find work, what are we going to do about it?

May I remind everybody that despite that many vacancies for call center positions, BPO companies hire only 3~5% of all applicants.

What is the main reason why 95~97% of the applicants are rejected?

Poor English.

Que Barbaridad!!!


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