Monday, January 21, 2008


As the anniversary of EDSA II passed, the president refuses to call for its remembrance despite the fact that she was the one who gained from it the most. The official reason given is that it is consistent with her aim of healing the wounds of EDSA.

Healing? Much of the country is still hurting because of the Estrada caper. Imagine the lowly people who invested in BW shares when the price was at its highest levels (P107) and got wiped out when the price went down to almost zero. That was simply a small matter compared to the fact that it led to the near collapse of the Philippine Stock Exchange. Count those who should have benefitted from the hundreds of millions of pesos that were instead laundered in bank accounts named after a certain Jose Velarde. The list goes on.

Does the president intend to heal the country by simply burying what happened? Or is it because she is covering the fact that she set free the villain that caused the uprising? He never jailed even by a single day. Instead, he was billeted in a luxurious vacation house that uses golf carts for building to building transportation, special troops as guards, a museum and the best food. Eventually he was pardoned by..

I never regretted that EDSA 2 occurred. The details about it that I dislike from day one include the military’s intervention. They should never have joined. And because they did, they now have this feeling that they are the saviors of this country. It simply led to the birth of young officers who think of themselves as the ever important Messiahs of this land. Susmaryosep! Talk to them and picture their belief in Trillanes. It makes me want to permanently leave this country. Imagine those people leading this land.

As for GMA, the country and even the Almighty had a mountain of expectations from her. With the kind of blessings that she had from the day she was born, this country never deserved the mediocre performance that she has so far given. The election scandals, ZTE fiasco and many other unfortunate events that she had the opportunity to stop and yet she didn’t. This country is lucky that there hasn’t been a civil war, until now.

Despite her brouhaha about the stock market, the currency and many other gains, the fact remains that she’s been in power for eight years and incidence of hunger is yet to go down. Hasn’t she noticed that despite the numerous bold pronouncements given be her and her military, the rebels are yet to be wiped out?

With the poor getting poorer, the fight in the villages is far from being won.

Indeed, there isn’t much cause to celebrate EDSA 2. However, it is but right to remember the day, reflect on its gains and losses and let is serve as a reminder or what an oppressed citizenry can do against an unjust government. Perhaps, the implications of calling for an EDSA 2 celebration is not lost on the president. Perhaps, she knows that with her popularity grade being at its lowest and surveys pointing to her as the most corrupt president of this land, the people might just call for another uprising.

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