Monday, January 7, 2008

Como estas?

With the country's president wanting to bring back Spanish into our schools, it is but fitting that my first greeting for the year, be made in in that language.

However, just this morning, we had on TV, a UP professor arguing about the use of our native languages as our mode of instruction since it studies showed that the use of indigenous languages as a mode of instruction is more effective in imparting new knowledge to students.

Bueno, vamos a ver...

the last time I checked, this country had more than a hundred local languages. If then, many books do we have to write? Print? How many erroneous textbooks are we expecting to come out with?

Expenditures = Avenue for corruption. Please be reminded that DECS spends billions in textbooks.

In the end, if printing textbooks in many languages is the best remedy, we should all go for it.

However, there is one thing that bashers of the English language needs to address. There are tens of thousands of graduates coming out of our schools now and they have nowhere to go. At this point, what is in abundance are jobs in the services sector, specifically, the outsourcing industry and the OFW market. With English proficiency being the only real chance for our graduates to be able to find work, what are we going to do about it?

May I remind everybody that despite that many vacancies for call center positions, BPO companies hire only 3~5% of all applicants.

What is the main reason why 95~97% of the applicants are rejected?

Poor English.

Que Barbaridad!!!


Sidney said...

A language more or less... ;-)
Not really think it makes much sense.
I would say first first Tagalog and English...

JC said...

I agree!


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