Friday, January 25, 2008


The blogs that I frequent includes the spitting vessel that talks about issues from all over the world and ends every post with a signature sound of a loud spit! Today, I will attempt a Durano (the blog's author) but talk about a local issue.

One of the pests that plague our local fast foods, coffee shops and restaurants is the pickpocket menace. I was in a Jollibee outlet at one time when a crook (pretending to be a customer), asked a lady diner some questions. Unknown to her, cohorts of the crook covered all possible angles to prevent other customers from seeing her then expertly took her bag. The lady only found out about what happened, a few minutes after the crooks have left. The incident was made possible because the security guard was being made to serve as a waiter. When confronted about it, the restaurant manager ordered the guard to man the door.

Yesterday and today, I was once again in the same Jollibee outlet and looked around. Lo and behold, the guard was once again cleaning the tables on both days! I talked to a friend in the police and relayed my disbelief. My friend told me that he has also observed the same thing in ALL Jollibee outlets. The guards are actually made to serve diners. As cops, they always tell the guards to protect their entire sites and not wait on customers. However, we both acknowledged the fact that the poor guards can get into trouble, if they refuse the orders of their restaurant managers.

Here’s my take regarding this matter.

  1. Jollibee profits from more than one million CUSTOMERS PER DAY. It is not a remote possibility that every Filipino (80 million of them) has eaten in their outlets at least 4 times every year.
  2. Jollibee makes tons of money from its customers. In fact, it had money to spend more than 500 million to buy Chowking (several years ago), about 2 billion to buy Red Ribbon, several billions more for Greenwich Pizza, Delifrance, several chains overseas and a number of other high profile acquisitions. It even owns at least one high rise corporate tower in expensive addresses.
  3. It recently announced that it will continue to buy more overseas based companies.
  4. In terms of cash, it has enough in its vault to buy several entire villages in this country.

May I ask, is it too much for the store to pay for the salary of at least two guards (about 30k/ month) so that its customers can enjoy its Chicken Joy without losing their precious properties?

I was told that this was not the first of such incident in its stores.

The company spends a lot in its so called Corporate Social Responsibility Projects. Why cant it start by protecting its diners?

Oooorkwz…. Phooee!!!!!!

Found this in the net. It speaks well of my dislike for the people leading the company.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

A well researched piece with the necessary numbers, and the style of comment written to a crescendo that extracts the obligatory spit! Well executed JC! --Durano, done!

jc smith said...

Thanks, idol!

Francesca said...

hey, sama ako dyan.


In some fastfood in France, once a customer reacted badly to a cashier, the guard got near immediately.

and there's a camera surveillance.

Kano lang costs of camerato install?
La pa 7000pesos!
TSUS! Pwe nga!

jc said...

sinabi mo pa... grabe noh!

Sidney said...

Well I guess they get greedy.
They call this giving value to their shareholders.

Lotus Flower said...

Secu salaries are nowhere near 15K a month. I know that for a fact. It is muuuch lower.

jc smith said...

Right,Sidney! maximizing the returns to their shareholders. Well,that's what bloggers are here for. To raise people's awareness and hopefully, effect change.

jc smith said...

Lotus Flower,

I may be thinking of the better paid guards. Actually, security guards' salaries may be very low. However, you'll be surprised at the amount the security agencies are charging the businesses.


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