Saturday, April 19, 2008

My beautiful and nice smelling friends.

They will be visiting this blog, hence this post. Ladies, this is about you!

I had coffee with rich friends who never needs to work even for a day in their entire lives. These perpetually sexy beings devote their waking hours to staying beautiful and being on a diet.

Yesterday, the conversation revolved around the latest prescription weight loss pills. Despite the topic which I deem to be worthless in my case, I was happy that at least, they are into prescribed medication nowadays. At the height of the popularity of Bangkok pills and other dangerous things to hit town, these people, together with their moms, were heavily into it. I swear, they heard more than a mouthful from me. From that time on, they started calling me Daddy JC for straightening them like naughty kids.

Being with them can be irritating at times so I try to make myself scarce. But whenever I need to unwind, party or simply smell fragrance, all I need to do is visit them. They're always home with their parents during daytime and attending parties at night. By the way, I also see them whenever I need free meals! Here's to you, my babies. Stay beautiful. I love you all!


Anonymous said...

you gay!

jc smith said...

As gay as Hugh Heffner and larry Flint!

You're welcome!

My friendship with those gals have been the subject of envy of my frat bros. But geesh... I have already learned some lessons when I shared my access to these lovely gals.

I'd rather have them all to myself! Mwah!


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