Thursday, September 20, 2007


The linked CNN article reminds me of my days in another company. In that place, cunning and incompetent fools abound and flourish by being leeches, back stabbers, credit grabbers and everything else that one can think of. It was a long stressful flight and looking back, it was good that I resigned. It’s been several years now and I have made a lot more than what the company could have given me, had I stayed. I've also never been as close to being stressed.

I could have strangled my fag of a boss had I not left. With the intrigues and false stories that he fed the company owners, we all could have gotten fired and disgraced without any prior notice (actually, it happened to some employees). Ahh, those company owners, I have a suspicion that they were not being taken for a ride. They were probably playing with the theory of divide and conquer. Those stupid fools. If there's one thing that give me satisfaction, it is the knowledge that they may have attained financial wealth, but they miserably lack in class. For those of us who know them, they will forever be shunned as "Social Climbers!". Ahh, that's something that their parents and school failed to teach them.

Last I heard, my back stabbing boss miserably failed. was bound to happen.

First, he “Lost” a lot of company money to scammers (more than once). Hmmnn..

Secondly, a lot of his projects cost a lot of money and failed. When I left the company, I found out from industry sources that there is talk that he deliberately lost on some of his bids, in collusion with his competitors. Of course, word also went around that he was handsomely rewarded (by the competition) for it. Hmnn..

There’s also this talk that he was sleeping with some of the company drivers. In fact, some of them live in his company supplied residence. The drivers also gossiped (i was told) how he knelt down in front of them, in some occassions.. Ewww!

But what really made his bosses take him out of the privileged people’s list was totally something else...

What goes around..

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