Monday, July 14, 2008

My Advice To The Owners of Sulpicio

I have purposely refrained from discussing the Sulpicio incident for good reason. I felt that all my anger for what happened was more than reflected by the outpouring of hatred by the media and various bloggers and the country. I also felt that Sulpicio is badly managing the public relations aspect of the incident and may not be as bad as the whole world sees them. The latest PDI headline showing the more than 40 sinkings and thousands of dead in separate incidents however, makes me break this self imposed silence. To the owners, I urge you to get out of the business and give yourselves some rest from all of these. Play with your grandkids, walk them in the park in the Maclaren stroller and give yourselves some peace of mind. I myself, cannot live with the thought that people are dying en masse in my ships.


tin-tin said...

galing ng pagkakasulat :)

jcs said...

Salamat. Hehehe!

Ayus ba?


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