Saturday, August 30, 2008

FREAKING OUTRAGE! Villar's Bodyguards May Not Face Raps!

Look at this scene. Bodyguards of a government official punched and kicked the memory out of a businessman. Yes, it was that bad. He now suffers memory loss because of what happened. The good thing is, the entire incident was caught on camera and witnessed by people who signed statements in the police headquarters.

The bodyguards refused to show up and simply sent their lawyers.

Now, it seems that they will go free. Not a pinch. Not a slap in the wrist.

Simply because the victim might not file a case in court. Isn't there GREAT INJUSTICE somewhere in this story?

The victim was said to have been drunk and unruly (and yes, powerless to fight back) .Does that justify the beating by the abled bodyguards?

What is the DILG doing about this? Are we paying taxes so that cops (and government employees) can gang up on us? !@#$%

The official, in an interview said that his security detail are all cops. WHOA! Aren't cops supposed to be experts in managing drunk INDIVIDUALS? There were a number of them and they had to beat the person so badly.

We all have seen this bodyguards of politicians and government officials. Most of them will never have the guts to slug it out with anyone on their own. But together and with arms, they bully their way around. These cowards.

They should be punished with 12 rounds/each in the ring in a Mixed Martial Arts bout on national television. Let's see how brave they will be.

Here is the story
Here is how it all started

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marie said...

My gosh! asan ang sinasabi ng mga pultikong yan na human rights?


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