Friday, June 20, 2008


Now that Ces Drilon has been freed, it is time for the entire mass media to reflect on their past actions and determine changes that will be for the good of the people.

While THESE ARROGANT BASTARDS BULLIED THEIR WAY FOR STORIES to fill their papers and time slots, they exercised special care and sensitivity when it was Ces turn to become the story.

They imposed news blackouts for Ces while they feasted on the other kidnapping incidents.

They hid the family from public view for security’s sake while they all tried to create scoops by being the first and getting exclusive footages of the other victims family’s. These holds true for victims of all other crimes.

I remember a witness to a heinous crime who appeared on TV. A lowly street vendor, he told me that he did not agree to the interview but they GAY assistant badgered and threatened him. he was so afraid that he agreed to be seen on TV. Had the prime suspects gotten back at him, he would have been defenseless. THAT’S HOW ROTTEN THIS MEDIA PEOPLE ARE!

Ces is alive. I want to know if she will continue to bully her way to stories. Remember how arrogant she and the other media people were during the Peninsula caper? Refused to be handcuffed and investigated, even if she spent the most time with Trillanes from the start til the end of the incident. It's the same arrogance that got her kidnapped and had the country again mentioned negatively in the international press.

The mass media in this country is terrible. Public service? NO WAY!

They are out for scoops to be able to get high ratings and high paying advertisements.

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY and That is the whole truth to it.

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