Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sloppy Police Work?

In the news today.

People from the NBI and the Customs, all armed with expensive sub machine guns, barged into a company selling petrol. The company owner complained that the guard who opened the gate was mauled by the raiding team.

The case? The company was supposedly smuggled oil into the country. The thing is, the company presented receipts coming from Chevron.

In another raid, two small and dilapidated shipping vessels were also apprehended and alleged to be being used in smuggling petrol. Another problem with it is, the petrol was shown to be contained in drums.

It makes me wonder.... Petrol is brought into the country in large tankers at quantities of no less than 10,000 MT (liters)/ transaction. Smuggling oil in small vessels is simply not profitable. With profits of only a few cents/ liter. Smuggling it in quantities of only a few tons is simply stupid. The owner also showed receipts that it brought the gas from Petron.

This early, I can already declare that this case will get nowhere.


Judging from the drums on board the ailing vessels, the sub machine guns of the raiders probably costs more. A lot more!

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