Monday, May 18, 2009

Gay Vacations For Manila's Homosexuals

That guy should go to gay vacations where he can flaunt his homosexuality where there is little likelihood of him refused entry.

In Manila a once famous actor publicly announced his homosexuality. A few months further, he made a complete wardrobe change and christened himself a female. With the public humoring him, he publicly announced the demise of himself as a male and that he is now a complete she. A couple of weeks ago, she was invited by a friend to a bar. However, the restaurant manager refused him entry due to its policy of disallowing cross dressers. Many bars in Manila previously had troubles with males claiming to be females that adamantly demanded to be allowed to use the female restroom. Of course, no right thinking manager will expose vulnerable females to in comfort rooms. However, the issue had been blown to huge proportions by homosexuals and friends of the actor. Let’s see what else will happen.


Sidney said...

I guess we need male, females and shemales restrooms in the future... ;-) but with a bit of understanding on both side of the fence all this shouldn't be an issue.

jc smith said...

Hi Sidney,

When tall guys, who's "peter" are probably bigger and longer than mine, insists on being inside the same lavatory or LRT coach as my daughter, I'd probably draw my gun and dare them to take one step.

The understanding at this point, should come from the transexuals, who's majority are mostly found in night spots, stalking caucasian males and drunk men. But with them being allowed in the same lavatory as drunk women, there's no stopping unscrupulous males from cross dressing and victimizing helpless girls inside female restrooms.

No mon ami, this is not the time..


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