Monday, December 3, 2007


I have a number of meetings today so this will be a work in progress which will be updated during breaks.

1) A blogger wrote (forgot the link), "expect the media to turn this into a story about themselves!". Yep, they did!

2) "There are so many ways to get information during a coverage like that. I don’t exactly believe that you have to squeeze yourself into the middle of the conflict and become part of the conflict yourself. For me, that is the mark of the tragedy of scoop-mentality."- Adam's Reef

3) It's Monday, 11:30 PM: The media is still hardly talking about Trillanes. Opinion programs in both TV and radio are hardly talking about the merits of the revolt. What they are doing now is spend 80% ~ 90% of their airtime talking about the arrests.

I’m wondering why they are hardly complaining about the other people in the hotel who were also arrested. I’ve never heard anybody talk about rights of the spectators who were with them. Like the press people, those bystanders were also “Usyuseros (onlookers)”. The only difference between them is that the media gets paid doing it. Those people are yet to be released while the press people were hardly detained. Why are the complaints so skewed in favor of media rights?

That, for me, is the Philippine press becoming so arrogant and demanding to be anywhere they want to.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Off-topic, but you have been challenged to post "5 Things About Myself".

This comes to me via SubLumen

and I have extended the challenge to three others:


Renato d’ Oxaguia

JC.Smith 2007

Here's my post:

jc smith said...

Sure buddy, Will do that tomorrow.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

You're on target JC. These media people have an intense desire to become celebrities. They even go to Vicky Belo or Pie Calayan and then thank them on air just to show that they too can afford, and have arrived. Most times they show off to their audience by putting one over their guests or interviewee, through "intelligent hard hitting questions" that cater to the marginalized. All posturing. These leeches are so full of themselves and walk around with huge egos or large man-made breasts. Celebrity status brings ratings. By being controversial or for the oppressed, they get a larger share of the "masa" audience. This translates to higher fees for product endorsements, talent fees for TV appearances, and lots of freebies. I'd like to empty my almost full spittoon on their sickening faces. --Durano, done!

jc smith said...

Durano, Where are you?


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