Thursday, December 20, 2007


Let me start by quoting Francisco Licuanan, the former president of one of the country's most profitable companies, Ayala Corporation. He once said to an applicant who had the Philippine government listed as his previous work experience,
"I don't consider government service as work!"

This morning, let's talk about the Sumilao farmers. Their case has been dragging for so long and yet, the government is yet to resolve it with finality. I remember reading in a newspaper, a few weeks ago, that the secretary of agrarian reform needed the position papers of the contending parties and will act on it thereafter. He also was quoted as saying that he needs more time since he has only heard about the case on the closing days of November.

What is the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) doing? The Sumilao farmers' case is very high profile and claiming to have heard about it only recently is either an outright lie or an admission of incompetence. The farmers staged a highly publicized walk from their province to Metro Manila, an activity that lasted for two months. In the process, they passed by a number of provinces with DAR offices in it. Are they telling us that none of those offices took notice of an event directly aimed at them?

Today, the case is yet to be resolved. The government is claiming that a process has to be followed in order for this matter to come into conclusion. I am not sure if this is a joke since April Fools day is not anywhere near.

Why prolong the suffering of the farmers? If they rightfully deserve the land, give it to them! If not, for God's sake, tell them now!!! But what the government is doing now is nothing short of...

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