Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Irresponsible Use of the Press

For the past few weeks, my disgust for Karen Davila’s below par approach to journalism which is reinforced by her bald partner had risen to great heights. This disgust also includes Gerry Baja and Anthony Taberna, who sounds like paid mercenaries to my ear. Davila often comes to work unprepared and start blabbering into the microphone. This is always reinforced by that bald fatso and very unfortunately, their sermons reach millions of innocent listeners. Taberna and Baja on the other hand, tried to squeeze juice from that old and very retired catholic bishop Oscar Cruz in order to implicate USEC Rico Puno to all the illegalities that plague the Philippine society. Even if Oscar Cruz said almost nothing, Taberna and Baja used his silence to further drown Puno in a sea of malicious speculations. The very old and retired Oscar Cruz, of course, also tried to insinuate something against Puno. At the senate hearing however, Bishop Cruz,in so many words, admitted that he didn’t have a single evidence and only had something like hearsay. Jesus Christ, destroy a man based on hearsay? Davila, Kalbo, Taberna, Baja and BISHOP OSCAR CRUZ, You rank very lowly in my book. Bishop Cruz, I commend you to hell. Since you will probably die before me, I will see you when I get there and I will tell you this; “All those Godly pronouncements, and still I find you here!”

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