Monday, January 16, 2012

Wrong! .. from the beginning

Chief Justice Renato Corona is desperate to hang on to his corona (crown). Through his people at the courts, he is calling for judicial independence and a rejection of the President's alleged intrusion in the judiciary. 

To begin with, Corona already knew that midnight appointments are very wrong and unconstitutional. Two Presidents ago, Fidel Ramos tried to appoint him during the election ban and the Supreme Court and the Judicial Bar Council rejected it. During the Gloria Arroyo's reign, they did it again and this time, with more force, they were able to get through. 

Macula, ab initio.. Wrong from the beginning!

That is what defines the Corona court.

People were against Corona's appointment for good reason. They knew that he was appointed there to prevent any legal action against Gloria Arroyo.

Corona confirmed the people's fears when instead of proclaiming that his court will be fair to everyone, he declared that he will be independent (of Malacanang).

His declaration was tantamount to saying that he will be against Malacanang.

He deserves this impeachment.

The judicial system is not being destroyed by Noynoy Aquino.

It was Gloria Arroyo and Corona who started its decline.

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