Thursday, May 10, 2012

Philippines will not import rice on 2013

This came out of today's issue of the Business Mirror. Never mind that the front page also featured the newspaper owners fight against the president of the condominium where he is currently staying. I met one of his sons, a few times, and I got the impression that they are a cent family.

Anyway, those who profited from the government's decades long importation run will be dipping into a dry well next year. The government is supposed to have increased production of the farmers by completing a lot of irrigation facilities. I hope that they continue doing that with the increasing temperature nowadays, I expect some decline in individual farmer production if they do not apply remedies to the intense heat. I remember listening to this guy who saved money in Manila and sent it to his parents so they can plant sugarcane. The intense heat dried what his father planted.

Oh my..

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