Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tedious Process

I once met a nurse who took up reviews at the kaplan gre. It was the most popular review company at that time and I think, it still comfortably rests up there. Anyway, this lady told me about having to go to Saipan for some tests and in the province for another. Well, she is a successful nurse in the US now. I just hope that other people who want to go through her path need not go through all the troubles that she went to.


Ronke from Magoosh said...
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Ronke from Magoosh said...


I work at Magoosh, the company that is linked to in this blog post with the anchor text "kaplan gre." I would appreciate it if you could remove this link to our site, as I fear that Google might interpret it as spam.

If you are unable to remove the link for whatever reason, then I will have to disavow it with Google. But, this might reflect poorly on your blog, so I would only like to take this action as a last resort, only if the link is not removed.

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns about this! Thank you very much for your consideration.



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