Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wealth Distribution in the Philippines

It has been said time and time again that most of the world's wealth are in the hands of a few. In the Philippines, the latest news report puts 47.1% of the country's total deposits in the National Capital Region (NCR). Checking the website of the National Statistics Coordination Board (NSCB), I noticed that as of 2007, the NCR is inhabited by only 13% of the country's population.

It is not a wonder then that people continue to flock to the overpopulated Metro Manila. It is in this area where money is. There is not much to go around in the provinces at this point and it is but logical for people to go where the food is more abundant. 

The country's provinces largely remain untapped and this is something that the government should look at.

Here are some pertinent info from the NSCB website.

Area  2007 (Aug 1)  % distribution
Philippines  88,574,614 100.00%
National Capital Region  11,553,427 13.04%
Cordillera Administrative Region  1,520,743 1.72%
Ilocos Region  4,545,906 5.13%
Cagayan Valley  3,051,487 3.45%
Central Luzon  9,720,982 10.97%
Southern Tagalog     
IVA- Calabarzon  11,743,110 13.26%
IVB - Mimaropa  2,559,791 2.89%
Bicol Region  5,109,798 5.77%
Western Visayas  6,843,643 7.73%
Central Visayas  6,398,628 7.22%
Eastern Visayas  3,912,936 4.42%
Western Mindanao  3,230,094 3.65%
Northern Mindanao  3,952,437 4.46%
Southern Mindanao   4,156,653 4.69%
Central Mindanao  3,829,081 4.32%
ARMM  4,120,795 4.65%
Caraga 1/  2,293,480 2.59%
Filipinos in Philippine Embassies/Consulates and Missions Abroad  2,279 0.00%

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whaaaa, true. interesting stats, too.


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