Monday, August 6, 2007


Much of the country will be bound to suffer if the rainy season will delay its start.

The hydro power producers are still unable to fully utilize their plants and they are the ones that the country depends on at this time of the year. The way I understand it, hydro power plants produce cheaper electricity and their production activities normally peak during the rainy season.

The coal plants and other facilities that utilize fossil fuel usually do their upgrades and annual maintenance during at around this time. With the prolonged drought, fossil fueled plants were caught unaware and are currently low on fuel. Shipments of coal and related fuels are now being rushed into those facilities.

The bigger problem is in agriculture. The rains are being depended upon to irrigate the fields and the few incoming typhoons will not be sufficient. Sustained rains for irrigation will be needed to continually soak the fields. The agriculture secretary declared (this morning) that 5~7,000 liters of water will be needed to produce one kilogram of rice.

That's a lot.

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