Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Victims? yeah right! Part II

I am a dollar earner.

Therefore, I stand among the ranks of the Overseas Foreign Workers (OFW), the exporters, the outsourcing companies and everybody else who are losing money from the decline in the value of the US dollars. With that disclosure, you, dear readers, are made fully aware how miserable I become, as the dollar depreciates.

The dollar used to be as high as P52 and now it’s down to P44. Therefore, I have lost P8.00 for every dollar that I make. If I make $1,000 every month, that means I am losing P8,000 monthly. Multiplying that by the number of months in a year, my yearly loss should be P96,000.

How bad that may sound, I am not blaming the government for it. I blame the government for a lot of things but my misery is not included in it. The reason is simple. I chose this business/ career because I saw money in it and not because the government forced me. Not to take away any credit from OFW’s and the other people who bring dollars into the country, they chose to work abroad or go into the export business because they thought there is money in it.

Nationalism has very little to do with any of this. The last time I checked there’s hardly an exporter who’s registered as a non-stock, non-profit organization and there’s barely an OFW who donates all his earnings to charity. No Ma’am, No Sir! All of us dollar earners are all here for the money.—Lots of money!

When the peso was going down, most of us quietly rejoiced in the rising value of our money. Now, that it is losing, we are all suffering. Should this continue, we may have to move on to another business or seek employment in other firms. But never should we blame the government for not subsidizing us. We were never forced into this company by anyone. Just a few months ago, we were all enjoying the flow of dollars into our wallets.


Rems said...

Million dollar earners have the sentiments as yours, let's just wish to gain much dollar to cover up losses.

jc smith said...

Yes, let us work hard to gain enough to cover the losses. As to my earnings, can't say I'm happy with it-- but I'm not complaining either. Blaming it on the government and asking for a subsidy is tantamount to asking them not to pay our dollar debts, make us pay more for our dollar imports, higher petrol prices and sink our country lower in this mud.


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