Monday, August 6, 2007


As of this writing, those Living in the Philippines must have heard about the declaration by government officials that the hog cholera and swine flu problem is under control and a very small percentage of the country's swine population was affected. This was easily remedied by the fast release of medications that were injected to the affected animals.

Arrests of unscrupulous traders and the seizure of affected meat (totaling to a few tons) were also reported in newspapers, radio and television reports. It is also reported that the country has enough production that hod farms in the provinces can easily supply the country's requirement.

At present, the problem lies in farmers who do not report the sickness that hit their farm animals and those who continue to sell affected meat. Radios report that the slaughtering and selling of effected meat continue since there are traders who can make money from the morbid transactions. Affected meat can be purchased at the price ranging from P30~50/Kilogram and may be sold to unsuspecting consumers at more than P100/Kg.

Let the buyer beware, always! Report suspected farmers and dealers to the DTI. This agency is one branch of the government that has a very high trustworthiness rating.

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