Thursday, August 16, 2007


This video reminds me of the thousands of Filipino health care professionals who work mostly in the United States, Canada, England, Ireland, Middle East, Taiwan, Japan and other countries. This was taken by a camera hidden by the daughter of a 90 year old bed ridden man and shows this burly health care worker repeatedly beating the patient.

The FAT (I really hate her) culprit may just be using her hands but can you see how big it is? Her forearms are as big as a branch of a fully grown mango tree and her biceps are probably bigger than my thigh. Oh my God! If my kick can terribly hurt an athlete in his prime, what more can that fat lady do?

Lesson of the story: If you don't like your job, you do not have any business being there.


marie said...

oh my! Our kababayans are kind hearted humans and very respectful and loving to elderly people, we will never do that. kasumpa sumpa yang babaeng yan!

jc said...

You're right, Marie.

BTW, had you linked in the mainpage already. Ciao!

Shari said...

Oh dear. How one person can way beyond reason and imagination. I'm sure the Filipinos won't do that.

thess said...

OMG! what a gorilla!! I hope she's already in jail and be beaten up by other gorillas inside!

I agree with you, we Filipinos will never do this. We have too much love and compassion for older people.

thanks for sharing this video.

jc said...

Hi Shari! There's just no underestimating the capability of the devil. That one is just too much- beating 90 year old guy. he's practically close to dying. You can actually say that she's beating him to death.

jc said...

Hi Thess! She's a Gorilla, indeed!

Antonio said...

Her attitude makes her fatter and uglier!!!!


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