Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Some people make me sick.

They went into the business because they smelled money.

When the dollar was constantly appreciating, they gained a lot of it, without really trying.

To sweeten their tongues, they asked for and got a lot of government incentives.

Now that the dollar is on a decline, this people are crying--nothing's bad about that but what really makes my stomach turn is their claim that they are being victimized by the government. ---> SUSMARYOSEP!!!! (gaddemmit ba sa ingles yun?)

Instead of pleading for some help, they are now demanding compensation for damages brought about by the dollar's decline-- which they blame upon the government. !@#$%^&*

Do they want the government to pay them PhP1, 2, 3 or P5 for every dollar that is remitted to them by their clients? That will surely bankrupt the economy!

These !@$@%&* are not thinking of the ordinary non dollar earning Filipino. The more than 80 million peso Earning Filipinos. Read this...

Philexport president Sergio R. Ortiz-Luis, Jr. told BusinessWorld there was consensus that the business sector lost and the government benefited when the peso gained by at least 19% in the past three months.

"This is indirect taxation, where there’s a massive transfer of funds from the people to government ... they are saving [money] at our expense. We talk to them and they are commiserating with us, but they seem to be unable to do anything really sufficient. We don’t really mind if it means the strengthening of the economy, but at this point it’s not, it’s just hot money coming in," Mr. Ortiz-Luis said.

It’s ironic that this "indirect taxation" hurts the very people the government is saying are the country’s heroes, added Roberto C. Amores, president of Philfoodex.

"We the exporters and the OFWs (overseas Filipino workers), they call us that [heroes], but we are beginning to see ourselves victims," he said. - HERE'S THE COMPLETE ARTICLE

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