Monday, August 13, 2007


Not really in the mood to blog today.. There's some stiffness in my neck and I have some back pains. It must have been the changes in the weather.

Anyway, Team Philippines won the Boxing World Cup, 6 -5, against Mexico. The boxers who seem to always be eating during the press conferences (Hahahaha!) convincingly won their bouts.

Those guys should be thought some PR stuff. Paging Senor Aldiguer (their manager). I used to call the team captain as Rey "Boom-Boom/Kain ng kain" Bautista. Because of that presscon that I saw on TV. Anyway, he miserably lost yesterday so I will cease to address him as such, from now on. He's very young and there's a lot in store for him. My advice, do not idolize Manny Pacquiao- who's now turning into a Navarette..

Navaratte used to be the toast of the town. He kept on winning despite the lack of serious trainings and eventually, his reign ended. He's such a poor guy now (dirt poor is probably not an understatement), in sharp contrast to the sports car driving, mansion living and free spending- world champion that he was. Analysts believe that he lost the championship when his beer belly failed him. He lost his US and Philippine Mansions and now lives in a rundown- one bedroom filthy residence.

Pacquiao, if the stories about him is true, is headed for a repeat performanceof his miserable defeats under Marquez and Morales.

Let me elaborate on that in my later posts. For now, let me feel miserable..


Doubting Thomas said...

hehe nakakatawa si boom boom "kain ng kain" bautisa pa ang natalo.


reaction sa comment: oo get most out of it na nga lang... huhuhu.

jc said...

Alam mo na siguro kung ano ang ibig sabihin ko... :D :evil:


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