Friday, August 10, 2007


Just like most little boys, I played a lot of "Cops and robbers" with my neighbors. From grade school until now, I still watch the occasional detective/crime movies that makes it to the box office. However, most boys eventually decide to pursue something else. The main reasons are normally low salary grade, lack (or absence) of prestige and the real hazards associated with being a cop.

We all know what low salary grade is. Hazards refer to the real prospect of getting killed in the line of duty. As for prestige, the police bureau has an image problem. It seems that everyday, a pinoy would get to listen or read about abusive cops. If you are a dad, you wouldn't want to even think of the prospects of your little boy being teased and bullied because his dad is a cop, a possible dirty cop at that.

However, a lot of things have actually happened in the police force. I have noticed an increasing number of snappy, well groomed and polite cops. And now, I just found out that a cops starting monthly take home pay is already at par with most of the corporate world. Check it out, the take home pay of a Police Officer 1 (PO1) is more than P10,000/month. This is considered to be a good starting salary by Philippine standards. Furthermore, a new cop goes through almost a year's training. making him save a lot on housing and other living expenses. After graduation, he should have saved some money already.

One advice that I can give to all those who wants to become cops, aspire for an officers (inspector or lieutenants) rank, before even applying. . I am sure that there is a shortage of for those positions. Check out the requirements and I am sure that it is not that difficult. If the police academy graduates are commissioned to immediately become officers, there should be a way for the others to become one as well.

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