Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is the text of the alleged You Tube conversation between Jun Lozada and Joey Devenecia. I completed transcribing the entire clip. For those who also wants the voice clip, here it is.

JUN: Hey Joey…

JOEY: Jun, can you hear me?

JUN: Yeah, go ahead.

JOEY: Wait a sec… ahhh, Ang formula ko dun, kuha ko ng pts dun sa saaaa 130.

JUN: Ahhhh, hahaha

JOEY: Kasi saan ko pa kukunin, diba

JUN: Ahhh hahahaha…

JOEY: …putcha >>>> Gago, kaya lang pare, you, need to get some.. at least something from Ben, dib a?

JUN: Yeah, from all sides!... Pucha, hahahahaha!

JOEY: Pucha, si Ben pare… is on top of this thing and ahhh… because he’s the gatekeeper of the votes, puta , ehh…

JUN: Hahaha!

JOEY:I can understand but not that amount

JUN: Oh yeah, that’s too big, man. That’s too big..

JOEY: Pare, why don’t we develop a plan to talk to him.

JUN: Ahhh… so…

JOEY: You know what he told me between you and I, when we were in Hongkong, when we were in Shenzen. Don’t, don’t quote me ha..

JUN: Okey..

JOEY: sabi nya, kasi marami akong… Sabi ko Bakit ba ang laki laki singkwen.. Sabi nya, marami akong kailangang bigyan pati na ang NEDA. He said, he said the word NEDA haa..

JUN: Oh, Hehehe!

JOEY: Putang Ina,

JUN: naman..

JOEY: For your working information, pare.

JUN: Sitempre, I would understand that. He’d like to look at the…

JOEY: Wait, maybe you can quote me and say, sabi ni Joey, SInabi mo daw sa kanya meron daw ang NEDA, diba!

JUN: Sige, sige.. Hahaha!

JOEY: Puta, kaya lang baka magwala na naman yun…

JUN: Oh Hahahahahaha! For some reason, I have this chemistry with him.(unintelligible) Sabi nya, Ikaw na mag referee bukas, ha.. Sabi nya, I want you to be there, ikaw na mag referee, ikaw na magsabi kung papano. ..

JUN: Sige po, sir. Ako na mag aano dyan.. hahaha!

JOEY: Hahaha! Anyway, so ahh.. that’s where I am looking at right now… ought to get you.. and then, ahhh, think of a strategy for Ben and me.

JUN: Okay.

JOEY: If you need me to back you up, I’ll be there..

JUN: Hey, Joey..


JUN: Regarding this Chinese embassy thing, think I struck a motherload, no. I’ll put them on Roxas boulevard. Putang ina, di ba..

JOEY: In the reclama… reclamation?

JUN: No, Putang Ina, that’s not prime. I’ll put them in the CCP Complex.

JOEY: Yep, got it!

JUN: Putan ina.. I think, I can swing that goddam deal, man!

JOEY: Isn’t that owned by the central Bank?

JUN: Yeah, yeah yeah Yeah! Can you imagine, same stature as the American embassy, better pa, diba?

JOEY: (slowly) Yeah yeah

JUN: The Japanese embassy is in Roxas boulevard, the American Embassy is there. (unintelligible) so it’s just right that you put the Chinese Embassy in the midst of it all, di ba?

JOEY: Yes, yes, of course that’s perfect.

JUN: Di ba? (UNINTELLIGIBLE) mention my name pare..

JOEY: Gaano kalaki, pare?

JUN: Putang ina, as much as __ hectares man

JOEY: Putang ina, tapos siguro, kumuha rin tayo dun. We need Ben’s finances.

JUN: No, no, no.. I just cant tell you all the things I’m being asked to do but that one I think, I can >>> for ourselves.

JOEY: OK, I’ll talk to the guy.

JUN: Talk to him right away. Talk to him right away.

JOEY: Sige pare.


Jen Llarena said...

thanks for transcribing JC! I couldn't understand some parts when I was watching (or listening) to it last night.
there's no denying that these voices belong to joey de venecia and jun lozada and that they were talking about the NBN deal. tsk tsk..

jc said...

You're welcome, Jen! With so many people hearing about it but with actually no time to listen, I deemed it best to transcribe the tape. It wasn't easy and my work is raw. However, the basic contents are faithful to what's in youtube.

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