Thursday, February 21, 2008

The City Hall fights back

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

Yesterday, Jun Lozada got another taste of man's evil. After having testified, he is now being tossed by people playing the role of a manipulative god. Whether they're from the government or the opposition, the people responsible for the release of the audio clip tries to show him as loudmouth, vulgar, corrupt and a scheming gangster. Is it the enemy discrediting him? or is it his colleagues dumping him after he has served his purpose?

I'm sure that he is starting to realize it by now. That when one fights against the city hall, the repercussions are very dire. One's public record will be scrutinized and used, all charges will be made, and even the sink will be thrown. Lucky he is, if he escapes a jail term.

Isn't it very convenient that multiple allegations against him all came one after the other and within 24 hours?
  • GMA's classmates held a press conference to speak about how righteous she is til now. I wonder where they were when GMA was on TV to say, "I am sorry".
  • Lozada's former subordinate tearfully spoke on TV to enumerate his boss' alleged corruption. He alleges that his subordinates didn't know what to say whenever farmers complain why lands for Jathropa use were being awarded not to them. --I almost believed him save for that statement. Why? Lozada's company controls the biggest lands in the country since the government is the biggest land owner in the Philippines. At this point, only a small portion of its land inventory has been awarded and therefore, there is still a lot more to be awarded. Now, tell me, why will there be complaints? Are we to believe that there are that many poor farmers interested in Jatropha? They don't even know what the !@#$% Jatropha is. The subordinate also said that nobody asked him to speak. Then why and how did he land into the primetime TV?
  • The supposed wiretapped conversation came out and it was trying to picture Lozada as a bad person, something that he has at the very least partly acknowledged.
I am no Lozada fan but the way he is being hit makes me start to give more credit to his testimony. Some people are playing God and Jun Lozada is just starting to feel how does it feel to smash into a solid brick wall.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...


The problem with embracing Lozada immediately as a hero is the fact that NOT ALL he said was true. He tried to bring down so many people based on a script.

The people he vilified are fighting back.

The biggest truth i heard him say is about procurement being supply driven - this has always been the case - even with USAID, AUSAID, EUROAID, etc. This has been going on for decades. Benefits for the country are there but it has kept us from development that will really empower the people. These projects remain under the control of the ruling elite - what Neri has been saying all this time but no one listens. Why? The media is run by oligarchs!

Corruption has to stop. So far, good government people tried to mitigate...ok...moderate it with little success. GMA's relathieves have to be stopped! The oligarchs will surely sacrifice one of their own to save all of them.

This whole orchestration of raising a basic truth but using it to propel the interests of people behind it; in the process deceiving the Catholic hierarchy and now trying to win over the students - since they can't get those wiser and thrice burned educated workers - is a despicable ploy. The man behind all these wants to be President NOW because he will be outdated by 2010.

Lozada's brother is a friend to Senator Lacson's Chief of Staff. They have been planning this since August. Having gone only once to Joker's home and talked to Fely Aquino, why would he try to recall all those details? Read Solita Monsod's column of the Inquirer last Saturday, I think, its there.

Lacson is the most sinister and most dangerous politician cum megalomaniac in the country today, watch his moves. Gloria ranks third. FG (Full of Greed) is an amateur buffoon who has a predisposition for pigging out on taxpayers money, in this case Chinese bribes, and is a bungler in planning.:-) Durano, done!

jc said...

Yep, not all that he's saying is true. The way information keeps on coming on a day to day basis despite the same issue being tackled for days prior makes me suspect that he's being played upon by some gods. I also don't like Lacson. The way he deceived the public in the past with false promises that were broken when it served him well makes me think that he's one of the contenders in this race. The way he tried to several times come up with major issues against GMA in the past, makes me suspect that this is just one of those ploys. But one thing is clear.. GMA has been in power longer than any president except Da Apo. One thing in my mind is for sure. This administration has been addicted by absolute power and will not want to give it up anymore. The other gods, on the other hand has been salivating over the throne for so long that they can almost taste it but not quite. Should things continue, this will not end well.

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...


I'm with you on the clinging to power thing and the addiction it brings. This can't happen again.

Now, it's the students who are being duped. I don't think the country can afford another unconstitutional method of change. The students, for all their naivete' will get burned too and be disillusioned likewise. We can't have that happen too.

These oligarchs are ruining the country and they ought to be exposed and stopped. The church and the left's participation is the most pathetic of all. It makes me realize how people can get so fed up with the rottenness and then be blind and go into self-denial by refusing to see all sides of the truth, accepting partial truths instead as the entire story. This is also because none of them are really credible.

We are the schmucks in this sordid affair, as always. --Durano, done!


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