Friday, February 15, 2008


Yesterday, there was outrage over the installation of a police surveillance camera in front of De la Salle Greenhills. This is mainly because of the fact that anti administration witness Jun Lozada is seeking refuge in the campus against perceived threats against the government. I, myself found the move so brazen until a police officer was interviewed over the radio, moments ago.

According to him, vehicles with congressional plates (No 8) arrogantly park their cars in front of the school and traffic becomes so bad. How bad are the traffic violations? They occupy three lanes causing massive jams along Ortigas Avenue. When cops come over to drive them away, they even have the arrogance to yell at the lowly cops. The radio announcer interviewing the cop, suddenly switched gears and agreed. He turned out to be a parent of De la Salle students and he agrees with the observation. He, too is so disgusted with the arrogance, not only of congressional vehicles, but also of government cars (red plated) bringing kids to school.

That can happen only in that school. In UP, Katrina Ponce Enrile, the daughter of former Marcos defense minister Juan Ponce Enrile once narrated that during the Martial rule, she was studying in UP and students there waved their fists in her face. I also heard stories that Katrina was actually being polite. Actually, students there waved dirty fingers in her face even in the presence of her armed body guards, as a show of anger at her dad.

That's probably the reason why those congressmen and government officials sent their kids to La Salle. UP students will never have any of their arrogance.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...


UP will always maintain the same level for everyone. It's a great equalizer as an institution. You will not receive special attention nor treatment just because you have a pedigree. Brains, thoughts, and convictions are the constant factors for evaluation. And should you excel in these, then you are given due respect.

UP will never be awed by power or wealth, that is why it will always be the best institution in the country. --Durano, done!

jc said...

Hi Durano!

Very true. I have so much respect for the institution despite some of the graduates who turned out to be variants of Dr Evil.

Lewis said...

Video surveillance cameras helped me to defend my home against break-ins....!


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