Friday, February 15, 2008


About an hour and a half ago, a rally was starting and Ayala Avenue from Buendia up to Makati Avenue was closed to vehicular traffic. Listening to a rally speech, I heard one say that their crowd is so huge that delegations about to join them are now being stopped and held along the South and North Expressways. Well, that was a lie designed to create an impression of grandeur.

Because, a few minutes ago, A news chopper (Ricky Velasco) reported that the North Expressway is open and traffic is very light. He also saw no convoy or rallyists being stopped anywhere.

I don't trust the government. Neither do I believe in the opposition. Today's rally is just one proof of that they too cannot be trusted.

To whom are we gonna run to, then? Joma?

I hope not.

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