Monday, February 18, 2008


Former economic planning secretary Dr. Cielito Habito wrote in his Inquirer column today that the economy is growing not because of the GMA administration, but it is in fact moving despite it.

He stated that GDP or local production has not really accelerated its increase, the income of the middle and the lower classes dropped and it's largely the OFW remittances that contributed to more stable prices and the strengthening of the dollar.

I agree with most of what he wrote, except for a few things. I agree that the economy is growing despite the government. What i am not sure of if it will continue to grow should the opposition come to power.

The government failed to reach its tax revenue targets and made money largely from selling government assets. The incidence of poverty is increasing, exports are on a decline and without the OFW remittances, I don't know where will we be.

However, Habito wrote that unemployment figures have gone down not because people have found work but simply because they have stopped looking. I say that this is largely inaccurate.

It is a big mistake to ignore the 300,000 BPO workers that were employed during the last few years. Of course, that is not sufficient to fill the needs of all Filipinos within the working age. But my two eyes have seen the largely unoccupied buildings that are remnants of the construction boom of the mid 90's that were suddenly filled to capacity. It was all because of the call center and outsourcing boom. Of course, there are those who stopped looking for jobs but the government is right in not counting them. Those who have no desire to help themselves should not be counted as a part of this economy or any society.

GMA, please manage this country well. We know that your "Damang dama ang asenso" advertisements are mere propagandas. The people are keeping you merely as a damage control measure and sans any viable alternative. But take heed. I am not about to call anyone to rise against you but I am not the only opinion writer in this land. My readership is nothing compared to the other bloggers who are soooo mad already.

Should the people rise, nobody can stop them and when that happens,

.....may God save the Queen!

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