Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lozada, please come clean

I'm really pressed for time and I never had the chance to read and edit my posts. Here it is. better late than never. Post Edited.

In an episode of the apprentice, Donald Trump said something like,

“In my books, there’s nothing that ranks higher than a comeback”.
In the Philippines, a former president of a government corporation and whistle blower Jun Lozada is trying to present himself as a person out to come clean while admitting ONLY to SOME guilt. That, for me, falls short of a real conversion. And with the way his exposes are coming on piece meal basis makes me start to have serious doubts on his credibility. Should he fail to completely admit to his guilt, it won’t be long and he will end as one discarded puppet in a stage play entitled “The world”.

Lozada baby, with your "Probinsyanong Intsik", "Moderate your greed" and other quotable quotes. I have a few quotes that aptly describes you.

"Putang Ina, Pare!" "Tang Ina" and Kabig "from both sides, pare!"

That's you, Jun Lozada. Listen to the tapes that you admitted was you on the phone.

Moderate pala, ha?


Sidney said...

I see the beautiful "JAIL ALL CROOKS! logo... you will need a BIG BIG jail ! ;-)

Fuller said...

Such actions made him look doubtful alright. Let's wait for new developments, something big might still come up.

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acey said...

i agree with what you think. it's sad, noh? that in our country--our christian country--so maaaany people have double standards when it comes to values and everything else siguro!

jc smith said...

Thanks, Fuller. I will visit your site.

jc smith said...

Thanks Acey! See you around.

jc smith said...

A very big jail indeed, Sidney! Keep on clicking that camera. I like your photos!


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