Friday, February 15, 2008


We often hear the Chinese saying, "May we live in interesting times!"

But in this country, we've all had our share of roller coaster experiences that the latest brouhaha seemed to have failed to create a "Clarissa Ocampo" effect- EDSA 2! We seem to have had more than our quota of action that what is happening now seems to be boring already. Yes, we still listen and talk about it but it doesn't seem to be enough motivation to take action. Being an EDSA 2 veteran, I find myself asking nowadays, "Now what?" and "Are they all the same?".

Years ago, I have stopped being stubborn and finally opened myself to the idea of migration. I realized that i have been paying my taxes for so many years already but none of it seems to be coming back to the country. Such mind shift was strongly reinforced when FPJ, Jr. ran for office. I thought that it was good for everybody that he lost. But what happened? With GMA at the helm, there seems to be no end to the government scandals which I believe is not entirely untrue.

When the economy was bad during the ERAP times, I had the people to blame for voting for him. I've always said that to a large extent, we deserve what we are getting. But in this instance, I am not really sure if that saying is very accurate.

For those who are trying to consider the pros and cons of migration, count me as another vote for the pro.

Go and live happily ever after!

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