Saturday, February 23, 2008

Moderate some greed

For a change, the today’s criticism is directed towards the gyms that mushroomed in this country within the past few years. They boast of the finest equipments that money has to offer but the question is, do they provide enough to support the throngs of members that they persistently badgered into enrolling? The valuable treadmills and other cardio equipments are so few in every gym that members are only allowed a limited amount of time to use it. My beef is that gyms are supposed to help members improve their health. But what happens is they focus too much of muscle building that their longtime members can hardly finish a 5 story climb in their workplaces. If you’ll ask me, I’d tell you that most of these private gymnasiums are rip-offs. It’s all about the money.


Sidney said...

That is why they offer 1 year memberships... they know that the average man/woman drop out of their program after a few weeks.
It is just the same in Belgium.

jc smith said...

The thing is, I want to spend time in the treadmill and they want me out after 30 minutes. That's not even a warm up for me. Darn! I spent more than $1,000 for that stupid membership and I almost banged the gym instructor's head into the wall when he asked me to step out of it.


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