Friday, February 29, 2008


UPDATE: The man who gives info on piecemeal basis is also admitting things inch by inch, and only when confronted by evidence. Last night, he finally admitted his mistress, saying "Nagkasala ako ng minsan (I committed a mistake, once)".

Once? -- Three illegitimate kids?

Today, as Cory Aquino walks side by side Jun Lozada in a rally in front of the Ninoy statue, I suggest that the former president ask Lozada the following questions:
  1. Why were you evasive when asked about your mistress and three illegitimate children?
  2. Why are they living in a house in a poor part of Metro Manila?
  3. How can you afford to spend P400,000 a year in golf fees when they are living close to slum levels?
  4. Where are the illegitimate kids studying?
  5. Why are your other kids in LaSalle keeping up with the pedigreed Abalos grandchildren while the others are in______ ?
  6. How many other mistresses do you have?
  7. How many other illegitimate children do you have?
  8. How are your other mistresses and illegitimate children dealing with life? Are they also in LaSalle?
She should be able to ask him that. Mayor Binay, faced with rumors about widespread wrongdoings, was confronted be her, some years ago. According to Mayor Binay, Cory asked,
“Jojo, anu ba yung kung ano-ano na naririnig ko tungkol sayo? (Jojo, what are all these things that I keep on hearing about you?)”
To which Binay was said to have replied, “Ma’am, hinding-hindi ko kayo ipapahiya (Ma’am, I will never smear your good name)”.

I wonder if in the face of Cory, Lozada will still be able to reply as arrogantly as he replied to the same question (in LaSalle, last night). Last night, in an arrogant tone, he said “Kung ikaw nasa sitwasyon ko, ano ang isasagot mo (if you are in my shoes, what will your reply be)?”

Before I continue, let me digress a bit by recounting the following: If I remember it accurately, Lozada has made popular the phrase “Hindi ko pino protektahan ang kaotohanan. Ang katotohanan and pumopritekta sa akin. (I am not protecting the truth. It is the truth that is protecting me).” He also said, “Wala akong mga dokumentong dala. Ang katotohanan lamang ang kakampi ko (I do not have documents supporting me. It is only the truth that is helping me)”

For a person who is preaching the truth, the answer should be very simple.

Yes, if yes. No, if no!

Lozada, you miserably failed the first test.. Is it the truth?

Kids playing in WackWack and LaSalle Greenhills. Perhaps, also with the world as their annual playground. But hidden mistresses and illegitimate kids in poor neighborhoods...

Just like JocJoc.. You too are causing great shame to a lot of of us, your buddies.

You know what I am talking about.


fionski said...

Interesting. I had this feeling something was odd about Lozada. Are these facts true?

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi JC,

As expected, the campaign in schools produced an additional 5,000 students, but this could rise. They are now duping the youth and those politicians are hiding behind them to mask their own pathetic lack of credibility. Imagine rallying with a convicted plunderer!

This is no search for truth, it's a simple power grab. They have already made their judgment and would dismiss any reasonable evidence with prejudice.

Cory is marching for Noynoy's candidacy. Their fear is that the student's final exams are close and this would destroy their momentum. We can expect to see an escalation of their student front sooner.

I noticed that you continued with your running word war with the warlock. It's funny and senseless to discuss with him. As if 14 billion dollars of remittance would be enough to raise the economy. What an amateur pseudo-economist. I hope he's not from UP. Thanks again.
--Durano, done!

Francesca said...


when one would like to be a hero/puritan, on should make sure, he has no flaws that can point against him,haha

i wish, maayos na yang kaperahan na yan

Akicage said...
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jc smith said...

Hi Francesca, Not necessarily. But if the war being waged is centered on the truth, one passes the acid test by being ---- TRUTHFUL!

This Lozada doesn't seem to like the idea.

underside said...

oh wow. may no.2 cya and he produced 3 derivatives from that no.2?! shocks. ive always been annoyed with lozada's pa-showbiz aura whenever hes on tv or touring campuses to give speeches (by the way, why does he tour colleges and universities to give speeches? pa-bida masyado). lozada is an enigma.

jc said...

You're right, Nina!


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