Friday, March 7, 2008


Reading about the Spratly Islands today, I was reminded of that guy who writes mediocre papers in UP but thinks that he is Moses who can walk along the streets of Makati and expect the multitude to follow. He probably imagines himself as the bearded Moses who only needs to dip his stick into the ground for the Red Sea to part. Of course, it's not possible at all.

Anyway, why do I not trust the military to deliver us from evil, (amen)?

Read this piece about the Spratly Islands:

Southwest Cay Invasion:
Southwest Cay, known as Pugad island in the Philippines, as (南子岛) Nanzi Dao in China and as Đảo Song Tử Tây in Vietnam, is an island that belong to the Spratly chain. It was occupied by Philippine forces up to early 1980's only when Vietnamese forces were able to invade the island.

Southwest Cay is in the northern edge of the Spratly chain. It is within North Danger Reef which also contains the Philippine-occupied Northeast Cay (Parola Island), Vietnamese-occupied South Reef and unoccupied North Reef. Southwest Cay and Northeast Cay are just 1.75 miles away from each other. Each island can actually see the other within their respective horizons.

The invasion took place when all the Philippine soldiers guarding the island of Pugad left the island to attend to the birthday party of their commanding officer who is based in nearby Parola Island. Allegedly, some Vietnamese officials managed to send some Vietnamese prostitutes in Parola, labeling it as "a present to the Philippine commanding officer for his birthday and as an effort of Vietnamese soldiers to befriend Philippine soldiers guarding the Spratly chain." Philippine soldiers never expected that Vietnam will do a foul play especially because the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia are already mapping a joint venture in the disputed islands. Vietnam's tactic proved to be effective because all soldiers in Pugad island left for the party. After the party, the returning soldiers were surprised that hundreds of Vietnamese soldiers are already setting tents in the island. The Vietnamese flag replaced the Philippine flag flying in the pole created by Philippine soldiers themselves. The soldiers returned to Parola immediately for fear that Parola is the next target. After higher-ups of the Philippines were informed about the situation, they instructed the troops based in Parola and Pagasa to stay on red alert status. Malacanang officials, headed then by President Ferdinand Marcos, discussed the situation thoroughly for the following weeks. It had been apparent that most of the officials want to attack Pugad to reclaim it. However, after an intelligence report came stating the Vietnam has already built a huge concrete garrison after a few weeks, the officials dropped the plan and tried to resolve the issue diplomatically. However, this approach eventually died along the process making Pugad a Vietnamese-occupied island up to this day.

--From: Wiki
So embarrassing, isn't it? It's a part of the golden history of our country's armed forces. Let's just acknowledge and learn from it. If the military leadership cannot lead itself, why trust them to lead us?

Just to remind the military mutineers, like Trillanes and those riding in his popularity. We all have our own roles in this society. Let us focus in what we can do best and not dip our fingers in areas where we are not good at. If your soldiers do not have guns because your commanding officers are selling it, give them military justice. If your general is joyriding in the medevac chopper while your wounded personnel are dying, do what you have to. But by no means should you blame it on the president and try replacing him/her for it will not take out your problem regarding your phony commanding officer and the free loading general. Get your bearings straight, clean your muskets and stop leaving the life of a rich man.

By the way, whatever happened to that businessman that you and your armed goons threw out of his property?


Francesca said...

ayayayay, c'est grave!

imagine, just a few ladies, the land was taken from us!!!

ganun na lang ba yun?

Mama mia.

I like your moses link idea, lol

"i am the prophet of today, listen to me."
(Bbut do not copy what I do, hehe)

siya, have a nice weekend!
kainis naman politiks sa atin, la na pag babago!

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi JC,

Funny you posted about the spratly's. This is one other irritant why the US is boiling over GMA .

Since she left the coalition of the willing and they held all our aid and loans, she negotiated with China and gave them a preferred vista in the Spratly's; while they (the Americans) have to stay in the mosquito infested province controlled by the MILF (Sharif Kabunsuan).

Since Franklin Drilon came out with that Spratly's issue ( him being also a patron of American arts)the former Energy man has expressed willingness to testify. This guy is also a Drilon friend when things were still rosy with GMA.

The hand of the US is beginning to show, orchestrating everything.
I just know they don't know how to end this within the year, or if they will leave it to the Democrats. --Durano, done!

Akinogal said...
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Sidney said...

"Vietnamese officials managed to send some Vietnamese prostitutes in Parola"...

You must be kidding... in the time of Marcos???

Tsk,tsk... how sad.

jc said...

Yep, Sidney! At that time, we were a powerhouse in this side of the world. better fighter planes, etc.. Still, it only took a few prostitutes..

Kalar said...
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jc smith said...

Akinogal and Kalar,

Please do not spam the blogs in my country.


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