Friday, March 7, 2008

Gotta buy a new pillow and more iced tea

With the new Spratly islands scandal, I will probably be watching TV again and that will make my living room my second most inhabited place in the house. In that case, I need to buy a tv mount that will improve the overall layout of my viewing room and make my stay more bearable. It’s been nothing but politics on TV all year round and I am getting sick from it. Well, the issue is undoubtedly still politics but this time, will have a twist of nationalism and a bit of history. That should make it a little exciting for people like Manolo and I.

More comments later!


Sidney said...

I find it all VERY depressing.

jc said...

Depressing, indeed. But with nothing but fighting on television. A bit of historical perspectives added will make it nice to watch.. :D


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