Monday, March 17, 2008


This morning, I heard a newsreport that Recah Trinidad is asking for an investigation of the judging in the Pacquiao bout. WTF?

For the record, I thought that Marquez was a bit better than the Pac yesterday.

However, it was a split decision and it just so happened that more judges liked Pacquiao more than Marquez. So be it, he won. It was different during the first bout where the judges scored it a tie. Again, without a clear winner, sans a KO, the decision was left to the judges. Again, so be it. Now, with that fight being controversial, it will probably be good to lobby for a rematch.

Back to Trinidad, If he indeed called for an investigation, I'd say WTF?

An investigation? Was there a crime committed?

You know, a request like that coming from a third party smells of lost gambling money. How much did you lose, Recah Trinidad? Did you feel cheated of your money?

Going around Google, I found this Trinidad article about the Pac. I quote,
"Then, speaking to Manila via Solar Sports, Pacquiao begged his countrymen to unite and be one, forget all the quarrels and mud-slinging, not only when he fights—but forever!

Not a bad try, although Pacquiao must also be told he’s not given a split-decision chance of succeeding in his avowed mission.

The reason is plain and simple.

You cannot unite a simple barangay unit riding on the doubted result of a title fight that, pardon it, has divided the boxing world itself."
In regard to that piece, I have some comments for Recah Trinidad.

A call for unity sounded so worn out but still, it was a call for unity. Why the !@#$% will Pacquiao be unable do such thing simply because he did not clearly win? Can you do better, Recah Trinidad? Can you KO Marquez, who based on yesterday's performance is one of the most intelligent fighters in the world? Do you have to KO someone, just to be able to ask for the country's unity?

Is it too much to ask for unity in this God forsaken country? Don't be be a sorry a#$^ loser, Recah Trinidad.

It is very true that this country unites only when there is a Pacquiao fight. The NPA and the military even declared a truce, so they can both cheer for the Pac.

Why can't you just say "Good fight" and "Thank God, nobody got hurt", like all sportsmen do? Isn't that so worn out for you, Recah Trinidad?

Gimme your bank account and I'll start a fund raising campaign so that we can give back the money that you lost yesterday.


spanx said...

i think manny will go on fighting and moving up in weight class until he faces the UK's Ricky Hatton ",)

si recah naman, nahawa na sa senado...
lahat gusto imbestigahin!

on a related note,
imbestigator mike enriquez, as long as he's a kapuso, will continue to use his influence to produce more "pirated" telenovelas.

mike loves to imitate people;
he basically imitated noli de castro's broadcasting style,
and look how he butchered 97.1 campus radio when he decided to imitate the "kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan" type stations on the FM band...

jc smith said...

During last Sunday's match, Pacquiao showed how vulnerable and lacking he is. He also showed that he can be taken down. Now, matching him to heavier fighters who packs more punch and can absorb more, he is a dead man.

Mike Enriquez copying Kabayan? Ahhh, that's why he's been hinting on running. Ohmigosh, that guy is sooo cheap.

underside said...

havent watch the rematch but i somehow knew pacman would win. hehe.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, that stupid trinidad is jealous i dunno.. i cant think of any reason why would he act like that if ur fellow countrymen won a title fight .. he cant do better.. he cant be welcomed as a hero.. and of course he cant earn that money even if he dedicate his whole life writing lol owned.. anyways if u gonna ask my opinion about pacquiao its already 2-0 i think manny won the first bout and it was actually fact that the judge on the first bout scored it wrong and result a draw.. i have a clearer picture of trinidad now, jealous, no fame at all, wants to be someone he cant, oh and yea i think he wants to disagree para kumita din ung article nya who i highly doubt kung may nag babasa nga.. anyways yeah.. :) my 2 cents for trinidad

thewordwarlock said...
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