Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Does the government give rewards to those who report street violators? If they do, I will probably make a lot of money by reporting on the MMDA. To this day, I am yet to see an MMDA vehicle that has no visible engine emission. The smoke coming out of their vehicles are so heavy that most of their employees are most probably in danger of Tubercolosis, Pneumonia and other lung diseases.

But I am not so greedy. I will probably offer a volume discount since there's a lot of them and probably I will give additional discounts for government accounts. Somebody tell me where is the agency that handles rewards and I will gladly share the bounty.

I am telling you, there's really a lot. :D


Fenrisar said...
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acey said...

i hope the mmda works hard to encourage people to help up. there's a lot to be done, noh? a lot of work... =D

jc smith said...

Sometimes they do. Most of the time, they just impose. I used like them a lot. But lately, I can see nothing but irrational arrogance coming from the top leadership. Maybe, Bayani has overstayed his welcome in the government. He probably has to go.


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