Friday, November 23, 2007

Philippine Updates: Typhoon and our water supply

There’s a heavy storm about to hit Southern Luzon tomorrow and even the hardly hit National Capital Region (Manila) may even get to feel some of its wrath.

The strong rains these past few days agitated water reserves at the Angat Dam and resulted to a massive increase in turbidity. As a result, the water company Maynilad is able to process lesser than its daily quota and some areas in Metro Manila are experiencing water interruption. Despite that, the company spokesman, in an interview at DZMM, this morning, revealed that they now have enough reserves that can adequately supply their franchise area even during the rain scarce summer of 2008.

This is in sharp contrast to Manila’s potable water supply situation only 3 months ago.

God is Great, Allahu Akbar!


Sidney said...

God is Great, Allahu Akbar!

Alas not for everybody! Bicolanos will suffer again... and they hardly recovered from the past typhoons!
Let's hope this typhoon will not be too strong !

aCey said...

oh my... that's both happy and sad news. i hope everything will be balanced again... and that the typhoons won't cause much damage.

Francesca said...

HOPE every one is ok after the storm!!!!

jc smith said...

Hi Everyone!

The storms have finally left the country. Time for some updates in this blog. Thanks for being here.



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