Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are FM jocks journalists?

10:35 PM, Manila

While cautiously driving along Manila's dark and rain soaked streets, I realized that the radio was on FM. Here's my story for today.


Referring to Bryan May, a DJ in one of Manila’s FM stations said (over an hour ago), “he must be the smartest rock star in the world.” It may have sounded like a smart remark, except that it was hardly an original. In fact, it was all over the Internet, several hours ago. It was even a yahoo headline.

I didn’t want to think of her as a plagiarist, but prior to that, she enumerated several facts (about Bryan May) in the same order by which I read it in his official website. The girl must have been reading from the same url but never bothered to acknowledge the source.

In search for something else, here’s what I found,

Other than her lousy program, I wonder what that girl is.

Geesh, we work our asses really hard to be able to buy nice radios but end up listening to people who get paid copying other people's work. I must be in the wrong profession.

This brings me to ask, are radio jocks part of the journalism profession? I need to ask that question because there was nothing journalistic in the way her news was reported, and there seemed to be no violent reaction from her station managers. In fact, she continued to quack without interruption until I got home.

Again, I’m just asking.


Kris said...

What radio station is this?

Philippine Updates said...

I'll tell you, the next time we meet. :D

Francesca said...

she must have lost her brain and as she is supposed to work, copying is her best options.
No voilent reaction from her station manager?

Oh well, birds of same feather, Flock together i suppose.

Napadaan laang, bumibisita....

Philippine Updates said...

birds of the same feather ______ together! :D

Ayos lang po. Ambaba na ng dollar. patay na naman.


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